Join Our Clubs Cooking, Free_Talking, Let’s_Spain and Story_Telling

//Join Our Clubs Cooking, Free_Talking, Let’s_Spain and Story_Telling

  1. Club name: Halloween Cooking (Pan & Pot)
  2. Club Leader: Mili Ahn
  3. Description :  We will share easy cooking recipes/tips with students who are interested tin cooking. We will also cook different international dishes together.


Club Name: Free-talking (What’s Up?)

Club Leader: Rani Park

Description: “What’s Up?” club will be a comfort zone for the members to make friends and learn practical English freely to express their thoughts and stories.  During this unexpectedly long and dreadful pandemic, the members will be able to catch up with one another, through this virtual club, by doing the following:

  • talking about their daily activities, routines, interests, or daily happenings
  • learning useful expressions and idioms
  • Sharing multicultures


Club Name: Let’s Spain

Club Leader: Alba Manzanares

Description:  Do you like to travel? Knowing other cultures? During these hard times, it is difficult to continue with our past hobbies like we used to, but with InternationLand Social Club, we will visit other cultures, countries, and learn about other languages from the safety of your home! Meeting once every 2 weeks, members will enjoy a variety of exciting activities such as:

  • Culture tips and interesting historical facts
  • Sharing traditional recipes
  • Music exploration
  • Basic and helpful expressions in different languages


Club name: Story telling

Club Leader: Dr. Yoon

Description:  Readers theater is a style of theater in which the actors present dramatic readings of narrative material while seated, without costumes, props, scenery, or special lighting. Actors use only vocal expression to help the audience understand the story.”

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