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Consistent innovation and development of the academic programs to meet the demand of current societies and students is a key to success of the Columbia College. To meet these goals, the College tries to find new ways of instruction to improve upon and deliver educational programs to all students while providing career training opportunities for students who wish to enter rapidly growing service industries.

Columbia College’s Program Innovation Center, directed by Dr. Chan KOH, Vice President/Professor, aims to develop highly featured and recognized academic programs to fulfill the present and prospective student’s academic and occupational needs, providing quality workforce development programs and student services.

The center collaborates with various educators, professionals, and industry employers to develop our programs, enabling students to be prepared appropriately for their occupation and capable to pursue the occupation in relevant field. To maintain the quality of education and student satisfaction, the Program Innovation Center periodically carries out program assessment, new program and technology development, and evaluating effectiveness of the administration. The results will be used for review and update of specific program content and instructional and administrative function.
chan koh

Chan KOH, Ph.D., P.E.

Vice President/ Professor, The Columbia College, VA, U.S.A. (Tysons main Campus)


Welcome to CCDC ! (The Columbia College, VA, U.S.A.)

CCDC’s educational goals and university development strategies are as follows:

  1. Teaching vocational training suitable for the field and make employment possible
  2. It will be taught to apply new technology, such as big data analysis, internet of things, robot, and artificial intelligence to all fields
  1. We will operate a new program that blends new technology with existing technology

For example: Technician and technologist for DRON, IoT, Robot, Self-driving car, Big Data Analysis application companies

  1. The IT and management fields will be operating track-by-track and are favorable to employment

Track 1: Web site construction and management programmer track

Track 2: App Developer Programmer track

Track 3: SI and DB programmer track

Track 4: Cloud Computing Platform Application Programmer track

Track 5: IoT & Big Data Analysis Application Programmer

Track 6: Smart Factory Embedded Programmer track

  1. We will Establish a CCDC affiliated IT company to provide student field project practice and corporate work experience.

Below is the biography.

He has extensive experiences in multidisciplinary learning, working and teaching. He has two Ph.D.s. These are Ph.D. in Economics from Seoul National University and Ph.D. in Electronic engineering from Kyung Hee University. His M.S. is in Computer Science from Yonsei University, and B.S. is in Mechanical Engineering from Kyung Hee University. He has a Certificate as a Professional Engineer(P.E.) in Information Systems Management from the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology. He served in the R.O.K Navy officer for 3.4 years for the development of war games software at the R.O.K. Navy Command & Staff College. He worked at Hyundai YH Co., Ltd. for one year as a car brake system engineer. Also, He worked at Daewoo Engineering Co., Ltd. for three years as a systems analyst and programmer. And He was a professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the Seoul National University of Science & Technology, Seoul, Korea for 35 years from 1982. He was responsible for a Dean of College of ICT for two years from 2014.

He has many experiences in teaching in English for example, teaching courses in the Summer School at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Science in Finland since twelve years, in the Summer School at the City University of New York in the U.S.A. and in the Winter School at the Abu Dhabi University in United Arab Emirates. He gave many special lectures to thirteen universities in ten countries, such as U.S.A. Ireland, Finland, Japan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Kazakhstan. Uzbekistan, Ethiopia. He has many experiences in social service area. He was a member of board of directors at the Korea Game Agency (2206-2009), a vice president at the society of digital policy and management (from 2004 to at present), a vice president at the society of convergence knowledge (from 2013 to at present), and a director of the society of digital contents (from 2014 to at present). His research and teaching areas are Computer Graphics, Game Engine Development, Game Programming, Business Intelligence, Management Information System, Data Science, Data Mining, Big Data Analysis, Software Architecture, Cloud Computing Platform. Papers published in recent 5 years; International Journal 2 papers, International Conference 3 papers, KSCI (Korea Science Citation Index) 19 papers, Korean Conference 92 papers.

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