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Published: 2021/01/19

COVID-19 Vaccination Registration




If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you qualify to register for an appointment.

  • Are you a Fairfax Health District resident ages 65+?
  • Are you a health care worker who lives or works in the Fairfax Health District?
  • Are you a Fairfax Health District resident ages 16-64 with a high-risk medical condition or disability that increases your risk of severe illness from COVID-19?

If you meet any of the above criteria AND this is your first COVID-19 vaccination appointment, you are eligible to register for a COVID-19 vaccine from the Health Department. You can complete the Vaccine Appointment Questionnaire using the link below.

Please note:

  • Other Phase 1A and 1B-eligible groups are being vaccinated through dedicated vaccination clinics. Find this information on our vaccination home page (click on the drop-down “How do I get vaccinated if I am eligible?”)
  • Fairfax Health District includes Fairfax County, cities of Fairfax and Falls Church, and the towns of Vienna and Herndon.



The Health Department will email you to schedule an appointment. You will be able to choose a day, time and location for your vaccine. Learn more about the registration process.

Please note: Non-essential worker Phase 1b groups currently eligible for vaccination account for approximately 40% of all our residents over the age of 16, and vaccine demand is far greater than appointment and vaccine availability at this time. Therefore, it may take months to vaccinate people in these priority groups. This is why – even if you register for an appointment – it might take some time before you can actually schedule a slot and get vaccinated. There are plans to increase options for vaccination at pharmacies and health care provider offices as vaccine supply increases, which over time will give people more choices.

Have you already received your first dose at the Fairfax County Health Department? If yes, then please do NOT use this online registration form. You are already in our system and will be sent a link to make an appointment when it is time for your second dose.




People who need assistance with registration, who need to register in another language, or who do not have proper internet access or technology for online appointment scheduling can contact our call center to register for an appointment over the phone at 703-324-7404.



Published: 2021/01/12


Per the Virginia Department of Health, the following individuals are eligible for vaccination:

Phase 1a: Health care personnel and long-term care facility residents and staff

Phase 1b: Frontline Essential Workers, Persons Aged 75 years and Older, and People Living in Correctional Facilities and Homeless Shelters. Frontline Essential Workers are eligible for vaccination in the following priority order put forth by the Virginia Department of Health:

  1. Police, Fire, and Hazmat
  2. Corrections and homeless shelter workers
  3. Childcare/K-12 Teachers/Staff
  4. Food and Agriculture (including Veterinarians)
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Grocery store workers
  7. Public transit workers
  8. Mail carriers (USPS and private)
  9. Officials needed to maintain continuity of government

Beginning Monday, January 11, 2020, the following 1b groups are eligible for vaccination in the Fairfax Health District:

  1. Adults 75+
  2. People living in correctional facilities, homeless shelters and migrant labor camps
  3. Police, fire and hazmat (Frontline Essential Worker Group Priority #1)
  4. Corrections and homeless shelter workers (Frontline Essential Worker Group Priority #2)

Dates for the other Phase 1b frontline essential workers categories will be announced in the future.


It will take several weeks to months to vaccinate Virginians who fall into Phase 1b. The ability to schedule appointments will depend on vaccine availability. Vaccine supply in the United States is still very limited. Currently the federal government is allocating about 110,000 doses of vaccine to Virginia a week. The amount of vaccine available in the United States will depend on the capabilities of the manufacturers to produce the vaccine safely and is expected to increase later gradually over the next months. The Virginia Department of Health is continually monitoring vaccination and matching allocations of doses and will move to other priority groups as appropriate. No information about dates of vaccine availability for groups beyond 1a and 1b is available at this time.

More information about Phase 1b

More information about Phase 1c

Published: 2020/07/15

[CCDC NEWS] COVID-19 cases keep climbing in the United States.

On Tuesday, 67,417 new cases had reported in the United States. According to a CNBC analysis, the U.S. has reported that COVID-19 cases keep climbing about 68,210 new cases per day over the past seven days. USA TODAY analysis shows that the South and Southwest became the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. As new cases continue to emerge, many states have paused or rolled back their reopening plans.
Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the CDC, said that the United States could get the Coronavirus pandemic under control in eight weeks if everyone wears a mask. Many restaurants and stores follow the guideline from local public health authorities and require their customers to wear a mask. CDC also highly recommended people to wear face coverings to reduce the spread of the virus. Wearing a face mask can be uncomfortable, but it is the most effective way to stop the spread and protect yourself and your family. We hope you are staying safe and healthy during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

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Published: 2020/06/30

COVID-19 Phase Three In Virginia Begins July 1

  • Gathering of 250 allowed
  • Masks recommended
  • Social distancing required


  • Restaurants at 100% occupancy
  • Fitness centers at 70% occupancy
  • House of worship at 100% occupancy
  • Recreation and entertainment venues at 50% occupancy with a maximum of 1,000 people

Published: 2020/06/16

COVID-19 Phase Two In Virginia Begins June 12

  • Gathering of 50 allowed
  • Masks recommended
  • Social distancing recommended


  • Restaurants with indoor dining at 50% occupancy
  • Fitness centers at 30% occupancy
  • House of worship at 50% occupancy
  • Pools open for indoor and outdoor exercise


Published: 2020/05/28

We are happy to announce that we have distributed all the donated masks from WireBarley USA.
WireBarley USA has been participating in mask donation campaigns to support the worldwide response to COVID-19.
They donated 1,000 face masks to Columbia College to protect local students against the spread of Corona virus.
Columbia College also contributed to help our community by distributing the donated mask to our students.
We felt lucky to be able to support our community and our students!
A big thanks to @WireBarley.

Published: 2020/04/28

DIY Face mask
It’s everyone’s responsibility to slow the spread of COVID-19. One way to be a part of this responsibility
is to make your own face mask and wear it in public.
Check out the full video on:


Published: 2020/04/21

Medical Mask Donation By Our Student 
500 medical masks, which are essential supply during this virus pandemic, were donated to school by one of our students
who wish to remain anonymous. We really appreciate your kindness and your warm heart for your community.
Let’s get through this together and keep our community safe.
If you have any questions and concern, please do not hesitate to contact at


Published: 2020/04/10

Information on Coronavirus 
Hello, Columbia College Students!
All classes have now been operated by online for 2020 Spring II Session(Mar 30, 2020 – June 06, 2020).
For further help regarding class registration, schedule, and operation, email at
For any assistance with F-1 status, email at
For assistance with Admission counseling, email to

Published: 2020/03/24

Information on Coronavirus
Hello, Columbia College Students!  All classes have now been operated by online for 2020 Spring II Session(Mar 30, 2020 – June 06, 2020).
For further help regarding class registration, schedule, and operation, email at For any assistance with F-1 status, email at

Published:  2020/01/07

Information on Coronavirus
All classes will resume through remote instruction starting on Monday, March 16.
Please refer to the guideline below.

[2020 Spring I B Session ] March 23-March 28
*Assignments and/or final exam will be distributed via email.

[2020 Spring II Session] March 30-June 6
Online Class through Zoom and Google.
* Detailed instructions will be provided via email.

Columbia College will provide updated information as it becomes available, in addition to the updated guidance. Because it is possible that the class schedule can be changed any time depending on the situation, please check your email or school home page frequently.

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