This program is designed to prepare students by studying current research and theories in the area of second language acquisition. The students will learn strategies and techniques to be able to teach the English language to limited English speaking early childhood and elementary age children. Based on current research, teaching listening and speaking skills are emphasized, along with reading and writing.


This program focuses on current research and issues in early childhood education, especially in language related areas. In this 92-credit program, students learn early childhood education. The strategies and techniques of teaching English to early childhood and elementary school-aged children are also addressed. Graduates will have a variety of opportunities in the field of early childhood education settings as a teacher, specialist, and researcher.


  • Employment of preschool teachers is estimated to grow 10% from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. This growth is expected to result from an increase in childcare and preschool enrollment, as well as continued demand for special education services
  • The number of preschool-aged children and elementary school- aged children is expected to increase. Therefore, the demand for teacher assistants who work directly with students
    will increase. In addition, there will be continued demand for special education services and, in return, demand for teacher assistants who work with these students.


FactsProgram Length: 70 weeks (Maximum Time Frame: 105 weeks)
Total Credits: 92 credits (Major – 64 credits & General Education – 28 credits)

Number Course Credits
EDU101 Introduction of Early Childhood Education 4
EDU102 Early Childhood Development 4
EDU106 Oral Language Development 4
EDU109 Class Management 4
EDU111 Teaching with Technology 4
EDU116 Educational Psychology 4
EDU119 Emergent Literacy: English Learners Beginning to Write and Read 4
EDU203 English Learners and Process Writing 4
EDU204 Literature of Children and Young Adolescents 4
EDU205 Reading Instruction and Assessment for Early Childhood 4
EDU210 Planning and Administration of Early Childhood Programs 4
EDU211 Introduction to Education of Exceptional Children 4
EDU212 Teaching Music, Art, and Movement to Children 4
EDU215 Teaching Math and Science to Children 4
EDU218 Teaching Language Arts and Social Studies to Children 4
Electives (choose 1 course out of below three)
EDU104 History and Philosophy of Early Childhood Education 4
EDU114 Teaching Grammar for Children 4
EDU207 Planning and Administration of Infant and Toddler Programs 4
EDU270 Field Experience in Early Childhood Education I 4
EDU271 Field Experience in Early Childhood Education II 4
Total Required Credits→ 64


Number Course Credits
BPS102 Business and Professional Speech 4
ENG101 English Composition 4
HIST203 U.S. History 4
SPN101 Introduction to Spanish I 4
SPN101 Introduction to Spanish II 4
BIO102 Introduction to Biology 4
CPS101 Introduction to Computer Science 4
MAT101 Algebra 4
MAT201 Pre-Calculus 4
CRT101 Critical Thinking 4
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology 4
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology 4
SOC201 Society and Human Behavior 4
(Select from at least one of each section) Required 7 courses


Dr. Shawn R. Ratliff

Instructor, Teaching English for Early Childhood

•  Ed.D. Organizational Lead, Argosy University

•  M.A. Economic Development-North Park University

•  B.A. Business Management-Ferris State University

Dr. Ratliff has had extensive experience in the education field, with over several years of experience in teaching students. He started his career at Oakton Community College with a concentration in teaching education program, ESL and GED. Currently, Dr. Ratliff works at Prince William County School, providing reading, math and history lessons to students.

Sherry Hughes

Instructor, Teaching English for Early Childhood

•  M.A. Education- George Mason University

Ms. Hughes holds a master’s degree in Education from George Mason University. She has 19 years’ professional experience in higher education, served as the principle of Hopkins House and as the director of St. Lukes Preschool.  She loves guiding students to reach their full potential and motivating them to learn!

Jasmine Khurana

Instructor, Teaching English for Early Childhood

  • M.S. Human Development and Family Studies
  • B.A. Sociology and Elementary Education
  • Tesol Certification
Ms. Kaur has had over 25 years of experience in the education field. She served as the Director of Education for a non-profit organization with a focus on Language Arts and Heritage studies where she worked to train educators, and develop age appropriate content for children and adults alike. She was the Kindergarten Coordinator at an After- school program for over 10 years in Lexington, MA.. She currently continues to train educators, conducts interactive learning workshops for a wide variety of age groups, and has been teaching ESL to young children and adults. Having lived in Canada, Japan and India, she enjoys cooking different cuisines and learning about different cultures.