CCDC ‘s IT Administrator is responsible for all maintenance and security of the college’s servers, networks, and technical infrastructure, including the technology used by the college to deliver its educational services to students.

An important part of CCDC’s IT Administrator’s responsibilities is to assure that CCDC’s technical infrastructure, including wi-fi access, provides for the reliable accessibility and backup of data contained in its servers.

The IT Administrator provides full IT managed services and support to our college. The IT administrator provides a range of services to keep CCDC’s computer systems running securely, smoothly, and productive. The following are the primary managed services provided by the IT Administrator:

  • Administrator: Domain Control (Manages all servers)
  • Network Security: Disaster Recovery
  • Users: Permission spreadsheet
  • Backup
  • Inventory
  • Remote Desktop
  • Email security policies (Microsoft)
  • Software licenses
  • Printers
  • IT infrastructure management
  • Network Security Management (Firewalls, Security, Policies, etc.)
  • Email security
  • Overall network security
  • Project and strategic planning for IT
  • Server permissions authority (for employees)
  • Network cabling
  • Server room/datacenter maintenance
  • support management for employees
  • Service and maintain all IT equipment
  • Internet service availability
  • Manage, secure, maintain the server
  • Computer lab service and maintenance
  • WiFi service
  • Security of data

Telephone System

The Operation Director has the responsibility for all telephone service maintenance, repairs, and support to our college. 

Camera System

The Operation Director has the responsibility for all camera service maintenance, repairs, and support to our college.

Network Passwords Policy

Administrative network passwords are only provided by hand-delivery from the IT Administrator.


Password, cameras, and network specific permissions (i.e., department folders, etc.), are requested to the Operation Director based on the position and administration approval.

Emergency Needs

All physical resources and/or equipment and supplies needing maintenance and improvement of an emergency nature must be reported immediately and personally to the Operation Director and follow purchasing policy.


All the requests made to will provide the ongoing process to assure that our media services plan is in use and regularly evaluated.
An annual evaluation of this plan shall be conducted in our:

  • Annual Faculty and Staff Meeting


Feedback from evaluations will be used to maintain and improve this plan. All Feedback from evaluations (including from other sources) will be taken into consideration.