1. Within the College

If a student changes the program or seeks additional degree/certificate after completion of one program, the attempted credits and CGPA will be is counted from the beginning of his/her enrollment at the College toward new program. The credits from the identical course in previous program can be fully credited toward the completion of a program so the student will have adjusted amount of financial aid for new program support.


2. From Other Institutions

Transfer credits may be awarded for courses taken from previous institutions which are nationally or regionally accredited or equivalent. College transfer credits are recognized up to 50% of each category (major and general) of the graduation requirement, all of which completed with a grade of C or better,  and must coincide with the College’s course description and outline.

With the credits earned in the domestic institutions, student or student prospect can apply the credit transfer by submitting sealed official transcript(s). The student who earned the credits from the international institution, he/she must get a course evaluation from the agencies recognized by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services or the Association of International Credential Evaluators to prove the credits from the previous institutions are equivalent to U.S. nationally or regionally accredited ones. Additional documentation such as course descriptions might be requested for recognition process.

Students or student prospects in the massage therapy program with official transcript from the previous domestic institution and license in other states may transfer up to a maximum 50 percent of the clock hours required for graduation.

Once the credits from other institutions are transferred, the normal length and maximum time frame might be diminished based on amount of the credit transfer so the student will receive adjusted amount of federal financial aid. The grade ‘T’ is awarded to all transferred courses and is not counted toward qualitative standard measured by CGPA but is counted as earned credits/hours.

Columbia College currently has an articulation agreement with University of the Potomac and Strayer University.