Accreditation & Certification

Accredited by

  • The Council on Occupational Education
    • Eligible for the FAFSA support
Certified by

  • The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)

What is VESL (Vocational English as a Second Language)?

  • “Vocational” = Job-Related ESL
  • The CCDC VESL Program is for those who want to
    • find a job in the future in the USA
    • improve job-specific English skills
    • go to college for a better job prospect
    • improve general English proficiency

Strengths of CCDC VESL

  • Financial Aids Available (FAFSA)
  • Convenient Tracks
    • In-person + Canvas courses (Morning)
    • Zoom + Canvas courses (Morning or evening)
  • Rich Cultural Experiences in the Washington, D.C. Area
    • Field trips
    • Cultural activities
    • Social events
  • Great Instructors
    • Professional educated and experienced
    • Passionate, enthusiastic, and student-centered
    • Culturally caring and enriching
  • Friendly and Professional Staff
  • Diverse Students
    • Classmates from all over the world!

VESL Program Structure

  • ELIF (English Literacy in Farsi)
    • Repeatable
  • Total 60 weeks
  • 10 weeks per session
  • ELIF + 3 * 2 levels

VESL Class Modes

VESL Class Modes
2 Days of In-Person Courses
2 Days of Canvas Courses
2 Days of Zoom Courses
2 Days of Canvas Courses

VESL Class Hours

Morning 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Morning 11:45 AM – 2:00 PM


Morning 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Evening 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM


Required Courses
ESL101-1 Sentence Structure for Beginners I
ESL101-3 Reading for Beginners I
ESL101-4 Listening for Beginners I
ESL111 Job Success 1
ESL102-1 Sentence Structure for Beginners II
ESL102-3 Reading for Beginners II
ESL102-4 Listening for Beginners II
ESL161 Job Success 2
ESL201-1 Sentence Structure for Intermediate I
ESL201-3 Reading for Intermediate I
ESL201-4 Writing for Intermediate I
ESL211 Job Success 3
ESL202-1 Sentence Structure for Intermediate II
ESL202-3 Reading for Intermediate II
ESL202-4 Writing for Intermediate II
ESL261 Job Success 4
ESL301-1 Sentence Structure for Advanced I
ESL301-2 Listening/Speaking for Advanced I
ESL301-3 Reading/Writing for Advanced I
ESL311 Job Success
ESL302-1 Sentence Structure for Advanced II
ESL302-2 Listening/Speaking for Advanced II
ESL302-3 Reading/Writing for Advanced II
ESL302-4 Discussion for Advanced II


Elective Courses
ESL081 Introduction to ESL: Functional English
ESL082 Introduction to ESL: Holidays and Events in America
ESL091 Current Events in the News Media
ESL092 Pronunciation
ESL093 English through American Culture
ESL094 Idioms in American English
ESL101-2 Speaking for Beginners I
ESL102-2 Speaking for Beginners II
ESL201-2 Speaking for Intermediate I
ESL202-2 Speaking for Intermediate II
ESL301-4 Discussion for Advanced I
ESL301-5 Academic Writing for Advanced I
ESL302-5 Academic Writing for Advanced II
ESL302-7 TOEFL Preparation
ESL401-2 Listening/Speaking for High Advanced I
ESL401-3 Reading/Writing for High Advanced I
ESL402-2 Listening/Speaking for High Advanced II
ESL402-3 Reading/Writing for High Advanced II


Introductory Course
ELIF English Literacy in Farsi


Vocational Programs Academic Programs
Certificate or Associate Degree Associate Degree
  • Massage Therapy
  • Dental Laboratory Technology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Business Administration
  • Teaching English for Early Childhood
  • Computer Science
  • Technical & Business English

VESL Staff

Jennie Choi
O) 703.429.0443
Languages: Korean, English
Rabia Rashid
VESL Staff
O) 703.429.0529
Languages: Farsi, Urdu, Pashto, English
Katerine Lazo
VESL Staff Languages: Spanish, English
Romel Locsin
VESL Staff Languages: Tagalog, English

*Other languages available on campus: Mongolian, Russian, Chinese