If you have any issues, you should meet international student advisor.

Travel Outside of the U.S.

If you have plan to travel outside of the U.S., you need your I-20 signed to travel. You must complete this process at least two weeks before leaving.

STEP 1: Register full time for Next Session

STEP 2:  Make sure you will be full time when you return. Traveling during classes will require permission from your instructors, and you must submit the 050-004 International Student LOA Request Form to international student advisor.

STEP 3: Bring your most recent original I-20 to international student advisor. (Not Copy one)

STEP 5: Use your signed I-20, your valid passport, and your valid F-1 visa to re-enter the United States

If you change your status, please read this.

There is no other factor that requires you to depart the U.S. prior to making a reentry based on a different classification. (ex. A USCIS officer may determine that you should obtain a new visa prior to being readmitted into the U.S.)

How to Apply Vacation

F1 visa students at Columbia College must comply with School’s vacation policy which is taking a 10-week vacation after completing at least 30 weeks of study.

Students must submit a International Student Vacation Request Form and make a tuition deposit for the returning session. Before filling out the vacation request form, students should check with the international student advisor to review their records.

Change Your Academic Program or Degree Level

You must get a new I-20 if you change your academic program from one level to another or from one major of study to another. Fill out the program change form the international student advisor within 15 days of beginning the new program.

Also, it enables Columbia College graduates with two-year Associates in Business Administration or Associates in Computer Science degree who are admitted to the partner institutions of the Strayer university or University of the Potomac to transfer with junior status. Students in other majors (Teaching English for Early Childhood, Technical and Business English) can transfer their credits but they will only be partially recognized by these institutions. If a transfer student pursues a 4-year degree in any academic program, he or she may follow the Transfer Credit Appeal Procedure.

School Transfer

Any student who obtained an I-20 through Columbia College must attend classes for the stated period in his/her enrollment agreement. International Students who start their enrollment at Columbia College as the first institution in the U.S. is required to attend at least 20 weeks (2 sessions) before requesting a transfer-out. Students who transferred to Columbia College from other institutions is required to attend at least 20 weeks (2 sessions) of classes before requesting a transfer out to a new school. Students who plan to transfer out must notify the intention to the College at least 5 weeks prior to the tentative transfer-out date. Students with excessive absence may be transferred out in out of status. Students who either dropped out of registered classes or have excessive absence may be terminated at the time of transfer.

Contact our Advisor

Bongwook Yoon, Ph.D.

International Student Advisor

8620 Westwood Center Drive, Vienna, VA 22182

T 703-206-0508