This process is for the students who have already had an I-20. Follow the below steps to transfer into Columbia College.

Step 1. Apply to CCDC

  • Download, complete, print and sign the International Student Enrollment Acknowledgement and Student Enrollment Agreement.
  • Submit all required documents to the International Students Admissions office. Please provide.
    • A copy of your valid passport and F-1 or visa
    • Evidence of college level or high school graduation
    • Copy of current I-20
  • Provide a bank statement which must be dated within six months of the start date of the program.
    • Ending balance of the bank statement is over $30,000 to enroll in an Associate Degree program
  • If you have a sponsor, please download the Affidavit of Support. Your sponsor completes and sign the form.

If you apply as F-2 for your dependent, you should show an additional $5,000 in your bank balance per dependent.

Step 2. Application Fee

  • Submit all application fee
    • International Student Application fee of $100 (non-refundable)
    • Mailing Fee (non-refundable) will vary depending on a delivery location, minimum $80)
  • Fee payment options:

Bank Transfer

Step 3. Receive an acceptance letter from CCDC 

International Students Service will issue you an acceptance letter and an International Student Transfer Eligibility Form within 5 business days.

Step 4. Request transfer out of your current school

You must sign section A of the Transfer Eligibility form and give it to your current school, with a copy of your acceptance letter from CCDC.

Step 5. Receive release of your SEVIS record to CCDC

  • Your current school’s international student advisor should complete section B of the Transfer Eligibility form and return it to CCDC’s International Student Office.
  • The International student advisor at your current school should release your SEVIS record (I-20) to Columbia College.

Step 6. Receive a call or email from CCDC

When you receive a call or email from CCDC, you may complete your class registration

Step 7. New I-20 from CCDC

You must register for classes and start studying in CCDC while you wait for your I-20 to be issued.