This process is for the students who have already had an I-20. Follow the below steps to transfer into Columbia College.

Step 1. Apply to CCDC

  • Download, complete, print and sign the International Student Enrollment Acknowledgement and Student Enrollment Agreement.
  • Submit all required documents to the International Students Admissions Office. Please provide the following: 
    • A valid copy of your passport and F-1 or visa 
    • Provide proof of completion of a U.S high school education or its equivalent, or college transcript 
    • Copy of current I-20 
  • Provide a bank statement which must be dated within six months of the start date of the program. 
    • The ending balance of the bank statement must be over $30,000 to enroll in an associate degree program 
  • If you have a sponsor, download the Affidavit of Support. Your sponsor will need to complete and sign the form. 
  • If you apply as F-2 for your dependent, you should show an additional $5,000 in your bank balance per dependent.

Step 2. Application Fee

  • Submit all application fees: 
    • International Student Application fee of $100 (non-refundable) 
    • Mailing Fee (non-refundable) will vary depending on a delivery location; minimum $80 
  • Payment options: 

All Application forms and documents should be delivered to the International Student Admissions Office: 

Mailing Address: 
International Student Admissions Office 
8620 Westwood Center Drive, 
Vienna, VA 22182 

Phone: (703) 206-0508 
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM 

Step 3. Receive an acceptance letter from CCDC 

International Student Admissions Office will issue you an acceptance letter and anInternational Student Transfer Eligibility Form within five business days. 

Step 4. Request transfer out of your current school

You must sign section A of the Transfer Eligibility form and give it to your current school, with a copy of your acceptance letter from CCDC.

Step 5. Receive release of your SEVIS record to CCDC

  • Your current school’s international student advisor should complete section B of the transfer eligibility form and return it to CCDC’s International Students Office. 
  • The international Student advisor at your current school should release your SEVIS record (I-20) to Columbia College.  

Step 6. Receive a call or email from CCDC

When you receive a call or email from CCDC, you may complete your class registration

Step 7. New I-20 from CCDC

You must register for classes and start studying in CCDC while you wait for your I-20 to be issued.