Housing Information

Columbia College does not currently provide housing services to students, but the College makes efforts for all incoming students to ensure that they have access to necessary resources to find housing in the local area.

Students who are new to the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area may first consider staying in a local hotel to explore the area. Students may consider the two following places for lodging while they search for a more permanent solution and can get a discounted price for stay by mentioning Columbia College. However, Columbia College has no affiliation with them.

  1. Hawthorn Suites Tysons Corner
    8616 Westwood Center Dr, Vienna, VA 22182
  2. Quality Inn Tysons Corner
    1587 Spring Hill Rd, Vienna, VA 88192

Please be advised that most apartments require students to apply for housing at least 2 months prior to their expected move-in date. To assist students who are uncertain of future plans and need a place for lodging for the time being to find long-term housing, please refer to this link, in which students can find temporary and/or long-term housing in the local area. Also please note that users of this service contract with each other individually and at their own risk. Columbia College shall not be liable for any actions resulting from arrangements made between users of this service. Columbia College does not inspect, endorse or assume any responsibility for any properties, accommodations, or other housing options or websites; and it expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any problems that may arise within connection therewith. Individuals are strongly advised to thoroughly investigate and inspect any properties, accommodations, or other housing options before making final arrangements.

For further information, please contact admissions@ccdc.edu.