2017-08-29 16_05_35-Student Testimonials - Columbia College Laura Morales, ESL

I’ve been a student at Columbia College since January 2011. During these 5 months, I’ve experienced being part of the school community as well as learning better English skills. Now I’m becoming more fluent in speaking English day by day and enjoying every moment of learning to be confident with my English. The ESL program at Columbia College opened a gateway to the growth of myself, helped me get tools to excel myself further, and gave me a chance to find my capacity both professionally and personally.

2017-08-29 16_06_07-Student Testimonials - Columbia College Akil Abdelaziz, ESL

Columbia College is a great school in which people from all different cultures can study college level programs. It offers a variety of programs including the ESL program which provides students lots of participation opportunities in class activities. I’m in a degree program here at Columbia College after I got an ESL certificate with a great deal of satisfaction. The faculty and staff emphasize a respectable, rigorous, and energetic learning environment, and are highly capable of responding to the students’ diverse learning appetites. Columbia College is an outstanding place to spend your time working on your future. I believe it offers the best quality education by providing thorough preparations for the creativity of each individual. Now I am proud of myself for being a part of Columbia College as a student.

2017-08-29 16_06_23-Student Testimonials - Columbia College Bayarjargal Tamir, ESL

Thanks for the opportunity to study at Columbia College. I am confident that I will have a good chance to succeeded in my career after I graduate from this college. I’ve been having a good time with my friends from many different countries. All of my friends are excited with their student lives at this college. We are learning and also experiencing American culture together. To everyone, I encourage you to come to Columbia College. It is the best place to study in this area.

2017-08-29 16_06_39-Student Testimonials - Columbia College Oksana Shevchuk, ESL

First of all, Columbia College is one of the best ESL schools in the United States. The college provides the best ESL program to its students. The ESL program at Columbia College helped me build great English communication skills. After I took the first semester at Columbia College, I realized that I was feeling much comfortable and confident when I needed to talk to native speakers. I love Columbia College because of its location, environment, and people. I met lots of friends from many different countries and they became my best friends. The faculty and staff at Columbia College are always friendly and kind. I believe my choice of becoming a student at Columbia College was the best choice I’ve ever made.

alex xu Alex Xu, CMT

The main reason I chose the CMT program at Columbia College is to follow my family medical background.  The program was really helpful and I’m now studying the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at MCC to pursue my dream.

anthony Anthony Kim, DLT

I enrolled in Columbia College DLT program in the summer of 2013 following my interest in dental lab technology. However, I had to suspend my study for 3 years due to the military service duty in my country.  I never gave up my goal nor hesitated to change my path.  After serving the army, I returned and resumed studying right away. I struggled to catch up and it was challenging to bring myself back on track when I resumed my studies.  Finally, my passion and efforts were successful and I completed the program with an Associate’s Degree in Spring 2017.  I got several job offers from many promising companies from the field and accepted a job offer from Protech Dental Lab with the condition of sponsoring my visa. Thanks, Columbia College!

Picture1 Salve Laco, COS

I knew there was a part of me that longed to be in the beauty industry, so I enrolled in Columbia College COS course. It was a tough year but if you have the passion for beauty you will sail through it with the unlimited help from the Columbia College Cosmetology program. I now have a job as a stylist at a huge franchise salon.

Picture2 Tisha Bridges, CMT

I am a recent graduate of the CMT program. It  has been the best decision of my life. One of the great things about the Certified Massage Therapy program is that you get to work in the massage clinic. The clinic is something that not all massage schools have. You actually get hands on experience with the public.  All of the things that I have learned and the great opportunities I received here have really prepared me for the real world.  This program will take you beyond the competency of being a massage therapist to a high knowledge of knowing more than just massage.