What is Vocational English as a Second Language?

The Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) program is designed to help immigrants learn English through specific vocational skills related to job employment.

The Goal of the VESL Program

One of the goals of VESL programs is to assist refugees and immigrants in finding employment in the United States by increasing their usage of English and their technical skills. When students acquire fluency in English, they may be offered better job opportunities in the U.S. VESL programs allow immigrants and refugees to become better communicators within their workplace and identify transferable job skills.

VESL with Columbia College

Columbia College’s VESL Program is designed to provide job-related communication skills and comprehensive English skills for career readiness and advancement geared towards students who have previous employment history. We offer practical language classes such as listening, speaking, reading, writing and sentence structure and a basic business skill course ‘Job Success’. These courses focus on interpersonal communication skills will help students to express needs and opinions, describe people, places and things, retell past events, ask informational questions, and make predictions.

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