This program focuses on current research and issues in early childhood education, especially in language related areas. In this 92-credit program, students learn early childhood education. The strategies and techniques of teaching English to early childhood and elementary school-aged children are also addressed. Graduates will have a variety of opportunities in the field of early childhood education settings as a teacher, specialist, and researcher.




Lauren Hernandez

Lauren Hernandez

Instructor, Early Childhood Education

M.S. in Educational Computing, Barry University FL

B.S. in Education, Barry University

Lauren holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Computing and Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Barry University. She has over twelve years of teaching experience. She spent six years teaching multilevel ESL to adults in Miami-Dade County Schools and one year as a technology coordinator. Later, she worked as an adjunct instructor and lead faculty for the School of Education in Ana. G. Mendez University. Working in a bilingual university gave her the opportunity to continue improving her teaching skills to non-English speakers.

Shamima-Nasreen-255x262 circle

Nasreen Shamima

Instructor, Early Childhood Education

Instructor, General Education


M.A. in Secondary Education, Marymount University, Arlington VA

B.S. in Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA

Ms. Nasreen is a passionate instructor who loves and enjoys teaching. She genuinely cares about each and every student and puts a lot of effort into tutoring them one on one in her classroom. She believes in every student’s strengths, and she guides and motivates them to reach their full potential. She has been teaching for the past three years at Columbia College, and she finds her experience to be very rewarding.
Helena Crick

Instructor, Early Childhood Education


M.A. in Differentiated Instruction, Concordia University, MN

B.A. in Child Development, Concordia University, MN

Primary Montessori Certification, Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies, Silver Spring, MD

Ms. Crick holds a Master’s Degree in Differentiated Instruction and a Bachelor of Art in Child Development from Concordia University. She has been consistently building her career in Early Childhood Education field for over 15 years. She started her career at Montessori School as a Montessori Classroom Teacher, where she was responsible for developing, planning and implementing lessons for children of age 2.5 to 6. After working as a field teacher for 8 years, she extended her career to a management role, providing educational leadership and support to professional teaching staff. She is passionate about teacher training and development and truly believes the importance of providing high quality education to early children to in helping them shape healthy and positive worldview.

Teaching English for Early Childhood Prospects

  • Preschool teaching jobs are expected to increase 17%, faster than average, through 2022. Growth is expected to result from increases in student enrollment, continued demand for special education services, and increases in childcare and preschool enrollment.
  • Student enrollment in public and private elementary and secondary schools is expected to increase from 2012 to 2022. Because teacher assistants work directly with students, the increase in the number of students will spur demand for teacher assistants. In addition, there will be continued demand for special education services and, in turn, demand for teacher assistants who work with these students.

Program Facts

  • Program Length: 70 weeks (MTF: 105 weeks)
  • Total Credits: 92 credits (Major – 64 credits & General Education – 28 credits)

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