Columbia College offers a variety of associate degree programs in many different fields. Each program requires a certain amount of hours to finish the program. The length of each program is about 15 to 18 months depending on how many students are taking general required courses. When a student finishes any of the programs, the student is eligible to receive an associate degree diploma, and in some cases, also a certificate.


Associate Degree Programs

Business Administration – Associate of Applied Science

Business Administration is the process of managing a business or organization successfully. This 92-credit program covers general curricula in business management and administration, accounting, and tourism. Fundamental computer application classes are also included. Upon completion of this program, students can be employed in varied fields that incorporate wide business industry.

Computer Science – Associate of Applied Science

This 92-credit program is designed to prepare students for industry standards in networking and information technology careers and related business trades. This curriculum includes courses on a variety of operating systems, web publishing, programming, network security, and much more. Fast-paced, Online, Microsoft®-based courses are also offered to students who can be employed as computer professionals.

Cosmetology – Associate of Applied Science

Cosmetology is an approved program in Virginia by Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR), assigned state agencies. Students are eligible to sit for board-approved examinations for licensure upon completion of this program. This 100-credit program has a strong focus on developing advanced techniques, hands-on experience, and self-confidence along with fundamental principles and theory. The main goal is to cultivate students as skilled professionals such as hair stylists, makeup artists, salon managers, or salon business owners.

Culinary Arts – Associate of Applied Science

Interest in health and food recently has led to many more businesses that related to Culinary Arts. It is no longer just making food to eat. Culinary Arts is science and art of cooking. This 92-credit program is included basic knowledge of food science, nutrition, diet, food safety and understanding of global cuisines along with the lab classes that offer students to practice their skills and artistry.

Dental Laboratory Technology – Associate of Applied Science

Dental laboratory technicians are valuable members of the dental health care team. This 99-credit program consists of basic morphology to advanced hands-on skills and techniques in designing and constructing dental replacements such as crowns, bridges, dentures, and orthodontic appliances. Students also acquire skills in waxing, gypsum, design, fit, and finish that the essential areas of dental technology.

Massage Therapy – Associate of Applied Science

In order to practice Massage Therapy in Virginia, students must study in an approved massage training program and a successful completion of a National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork NCETM/TMB or Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards MBLEx examination. This 91-credit program well organizes from theoretical knowledge such as pathology, body systems, and applications of therapeutic massage to ample hands-on experience and practice through clinical practicum.

Teaching English for Early Childhood – Associate of Occupational Science

This program focuses on current research and issues in early childhood education especially in language related areas. In this 92-credit program, students learn overall early childhood education. The strategies and techniques of teaching English to early childhood and elementary school-aged children are also addressed.  Graduates will have a variety of opportunities in the field of early childhood education settings as a teacher, specialist, and researcher.

Technical and Business English – Associate of Occupational Science

Excellent communication skill is one of the most important aspects in one’s life. This 92-credit program offers various courses that help students to improve their communication skills more effectively in business writing, oral presentation, and interpersonal skills. Graduates may pursue a variety of careers in varied organizations, trades, and professional associations.