Columbia College Library Center serves students and faculty of main campus and two extensions. Our teaching, learning and research objectives are supported by the on/ offline library system and as a subscribed member of LIRN consortium,” The LIRN® collection is provided to students with millions of peer-reviewed and full-text journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, e-books, podcasts, audio, and video resources to support their academic studies from Gale Cengage, ProQuest, EBSCO, eLibrary, Books24x7, and more, covering topics for General and Vocational Education, Business, and Medical programs”.  Students can gain 24/7 access via web. Columbia College strives to provide competitive and responsive professional training programs.



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Amy Billerbeck

Amy Billerbeck

“Welcome to the Columbia College Library website! The Library is physically located on the 1st floor near the ESL Department. The Library has a rich collection of books and journals available to students. Online Library Resources are accessible to students 24 hours a day and seven days a week.”

Amy Billerbeck graduated from Indiana University in 1992 with a Master’s Degree in Library Science. She has worked for the government for ten years and has worked as librarian at colleges/universities for 15 years.