Columbia College is committed to equal opportunity in student admissions. Students who are high school graduates or the equivalent qualify for admission and can benefit from the College’s programs and services and rolling admissions.

+ Step 1. Apply to CCDC

Complete application for admission.

  • Required
    • Submit required documents Application for Admission and Student Enrollment Agreement
    • Submit a high school diploma or proof of graduation from a high school or the equivalent certified by the State Department of Education
    • Copy of passport or permanent resident card (If you are a veteran, please submit a copy of your military ID)
    • Pay application fee
  • Optional
    • If you are seeking financial assistance, apply for Financial Aid.
    • If you are looking for Veteran Education Benefits, study or consult the Post 9/11 GI Bill. +
    • If you are looking for education requirement programs for Au pair, find more information here (<- Au pairs students)

+ Step 2. Take the placement test

Check whether you need to take a placement test.

  • Required
    • If you need to take a placement test, you should take the CaMLA (Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments) test.

 +Step 3. Pay tuition & fee

Submit your payment on time.

+ Step 4. Attend Orientation

Attend new student orientation.

 +Step 5. Register for Classes

Attend new student orientation.

  • Required
    • Meet CCDC Academic advisors and register for classes.
    • Attend class!