Any students who enroll during the academic term are eligible to apply for school housing. Students who would like to get housing 1) can bring his/her family, 2) can make a group with other students, or 3) will be grouped with other students who will share an apartment unit. The group will be same gender unless they are family members. Students will be assigned to one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom apartment units, depending on the number of people and availability. The maximum number of people is two per one-bedroom, four per two-bedroom, and six per three-bedroom apartments. Preferences such as the number of bedrooms or sharing bedrooms with others will be considered but not guaranteed.

The minimum length for a housing contract is 3 sessions (30 weeks).  The student cannot terminate the contract within this period. If a student needs to move out, he/she has to find another student who can fill the remaining period of the contract. If a student wants to move out after 30 weeks, he/she has to notify the school office of his/her intention to move out at least 5 weeks prior to the last date of the contract.  A security deposit will be forfeited if a student does not meet the school housing regulations. Students can stay in the school housing units during vacation periods if a tuition deposit for the session (10 weeks) is paid after the vacation.

Before filling out the school housing application, the student need to bring 1) I.D. (driver’s license, passport) and 2) income statement. If the student does not have an income in the U.S., he/she can bring a bank statement indicating sufficient funds.

Columbia College housing is affiliated with several apartment complexes which are located in the local area.