Areas That You May Like To Visit During Spring Break!

//Areas That You May Like To Visit During Spring Break!

We will have spring break from April 17th to April 20th.
Enjoy your spring time and we will see you on April 22nd

Check these following areas that you may like to visit during spring break!

Ikebana International Exhibit

When: April 20th and 21st   1:00pm

Where: U.S. Arboretum in Washington DC

What: Learn the art of Japanese Flower Arranging

Admission: Free

*Must register on*

The U.S. Arboretum is open Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm


Conversation Circles

When: April 19th 10am-12pm

Where: National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC

*G Street Lobby*

What: an event for adults to improve their English conversation skills, learn about an American History subject through portraits, and many other fun activities

Admission: Free


Truckeroo Food Truck Festival

When: April 19th 4pm-11pm

Where: 1201 Half St SE, Washington, DC

What: an event that showcases the hottest food trucks in the DC area. It is a family friendly event and features live music, cold drinks, games, and more.

Admission: Free

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