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Computer Science

Abdulrahman Aulabi

Instructor, Computer Science

•  M.A. Cybersecurity in Computer Science-The George Washington University

•  B.A. Computer Science-George Mason University

Mr. Aulabi has had extensive experience in programming in the professional world, with over 8 years of hands-on experience in programming, software engineering, and software testing. He started his career at Accenture, a global management consulting company, as a Software Developer, with a concentration in Object Oriented Programming and database technologies. Currently, Mr. Aulabi is a Senior Software Developer at CARFAX, a company that uses big data technologies to keep track and maintain nearly 20 billion records. In his free time, Mr. Aulabi likes to play soccer, lift weights at the gym, and do some extreme sports like skydiving, paintballing, and snowboarding.

Chang-Lung Tsai

Instructor, Computer Science

  • Ph. D., Electrical Engineering- National Central University
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering- University of southern California
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering- Chung Cheng Institute of Technology
Dr. Tsai got his bachelor’s degree of Electrical Engineering from Chung Cheng Institute of Technology at 1988. After then, he served for Taiwan government for many years and then went abroad for pursuing master’s degree at University of Southern California. While he finished his study at USC, he was recruited by government and served again. From 1999, he started to pursue his Ph. D. and got the degree at 2006. After then, he served for Vanang University and transferred to serve for Chinese Culture University from Feb 2007 to July 2018 at Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering.
Currently, Dr. Tsai is staying at Montgomery county of Maryland and teaching at University of North America. His research is focused on Internet hacking, cybersecurity, and multimedia processing. Dr. Tsai has published more than 20 journals and 50 conference papers.
He likes to make contribution for teaching, advising, and doing research.

Mohamed K. Ahmed

Instructor, Computer Science

  • M.S., Management Information Systems, Cum laude, Strayer University, Alexandria, Virginia, 2005.
  • M.S., Computer Science and Information Systems, Cum laude, Troy State University, Montgomery, Alabama, 1997.
  • B.S., Naval Science, Valedictorian, Naval Academy, Alexandria, Egypt 1981.
Mr. Ahmed successfully managed multimillion-dollar information technology programs.  Proficient in all aspects of Program Management implementations to include scheduling, planning, executions, and results assessments. Expert in agile software development processes.  Successfully implemented CMMI-III and EVM/body of knowledge on all managed projects and programs. Strong understanding of software development lifecycles, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Systems Integration, and Enterprise Architectures.  Mr. Ahmed developed presentations, white papers and technical analysis as major inputs to customers’ leaderships’ informative decisions. Successfully developed Analysis of Alternatives to optimize customers’ IT infrastructures by selecting and recommending the most efficient alternative.  Provided implementations plan and strategy for the selected alternative to include an Operational Capabilities Assessment. Proposed approach as well as a Rough Order on Magnitude (ROM) of the investment, definition of the operational improvements and savings to include Timelines and Milestones for implementation and Return on Investment analysis. Mr. Ahmed taught at Southern University Computer Science department.

Culinary Arts

Alesha Salahuddin

Instructor, Culinary Arts

  • B.A. in Culinary Management- Le Cardon Bleu
  • A.S. in Culinary Arts- Fayetteville Tech Comm College
Chef Alesha Salahuddin is a veteran military spouse who began her career in Culinary Arts working for various caterers in Fayetteville, NC. During her family’s tour overseas to Japan, she decided to pursue her Bachelor of Arts degree at Le Cordon Bleu, where she earned a degree in Culinary Management. Chef Alesha has over 15 years of experience in the culinary industry. Her tenure includes working at Goodwin House, Inc. in the DC area where she served as Catering Manager for two years. She is currently realizing her dream of becoming a Personal Chef and owns her own business, Silver Platter Cuisine, LLC. She enjoys customizing menus, hosting dinner parties, teaching cooking classes, and creating memorable dining experiences that fit her client’s needs. Chef Alesha is passionate about teaching her students and exposing them to a broad spectrum of the industry. With her extensive knowledge of Culinary Arts, she is a great mentor for future culinary students at Columbia College.

Luck Dendievel

Instructor, Culinary Arts

  • B. A. Degree in French Culinary Arts – Ecole Hôteliѐre de Libramont
Luc Dendievel has knowledge of cooking, baking, kitchen facility, wine, and sous vide cooking. He had worked as an executive chef at restaurant 55 degrees in Sacramento, CA, The Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington D.C., and Hilton Mclean and Härth Restaurant in Mclean, VA

Frederick Lewis

Instructor, Culinary Arts

  • The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, Napa California
    18 CEU credits in Baking and Pastry (1996)
  • Baltimore International Culinary College, Baltimore, Maryland
    AA Degree in Restaurant and Food Service Management (1989)
    AA Degree in Restaurant and Cooking Skills (1988)
    Certificate of Excellence in A La Carte Techniques/ Management (1988)


Chef Owner Fairfax Hill Restaurant and Greenhouse Biergarten (2014-2020)


Dental Laboratory Technology

Dr. Han Il Kim

Instructor, Dental Laboratory Technology

  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Chosun University, Korea
  • M.S. in Biomedical Engineering, Yonsei University, Korea
  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Myoungji University, Korea
  • A.A.S. in Dental Laboratory Technology, Korea University, Korea
Dr. Kim is a licensed Dental Laboratory Technician, who also holds professional certifications in Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. He is a highly knowledgeable instructor in the Dental Lab Technician field with over 10 years of higher education teaching experience. He has been building a wonderful reputation at Columbia College of his student-centered teaching style, lab-based course activities, and passion for the program and its students.


Massage Therapy

Bree Delak

Instructor, Massage Therapy (Tysons Campus)

•  A.S. in Massage Therapy, Georgia Medical Institute, Marietta, Georgia

Ms. Delac is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Virginia with 15 years of field experience. She also has worked for massage administrative duties – clinical documentation, treatment plan development, and client scheduling administration. Ms. Delac has an expertise in Neuromuscular, Deep-Tissue Myofascial Trigger Point Release, Swedish, Prenatal, Sports and Injury Treatment, and Stretching. She is currently teaching Kinesiology course at the Columbia College.

Julia Geragthy

Instructor, Massage Therapy (Tysons Campus)

•  Licensed Massage Therapist

Ms. Geraghthy specializes in sports and recuperative therapies. She has five years of experience in coaching a hockey team for Fairfax Public School, teaching strategies and fulfilling student learning needs. Also, she has worked in Massage Envy Burke as a Massage Therapist for several years, experienced in wellness care and deep tissue massage. She joined the Massage Therapy program of Columbia College in January 2018.

Marquita Redd-Hickson

Instructor, Massage Therapy (Tysons Campus)

•  B.A. Science in Human Resource Management- University of Maryland

•  Certificate- Holistic Massage Training Institute

•  Certificate- Von Lee International School of Aesthetics.

Ms. Redd-Hickson studied Human Resource Management from the University of Maryland and graduated in Holistic massage training institute and Von Lee International School of Aesthetics. She has worked in the field for several years and provided massage for clients including medical benefit and relaxation. While working in the field, she led a team in scoring over 90% on base compliancy inspection and received best practice accolades in three functional areas. Ms. Redd-Hickson joined as a faculty member at the Columbia Institute on Feb 2019 and currently teaches theory and practices focused on the licensure exam.

Dr. Hyungk Ki Min

Instructor, Massage Therapy (Silver Spring Extension)

•  Active License of Maryland Chiropractic, Maryland Chiropractic & Massage Board

•  Ph.D. in Chiropractic, Life University, GA

Dr. Min has over 13 years or experience, knowledge of the muscular system and practice in chiropractic and rehabilitation. He earned his Doctorate Magna Cum Laude with honors from Life University Doctor of Chiropractic. His expertise is in soft tissue techniques and spinal manipulation. Dr. Min has been awarded scholarship for Doctor of Chiropractic (1999-2003) and has amplitude trust technique for the ankle in 2003.
He has professional experience from Kyonggi University Alternative medicine graduate school in South Korea (2004-2006), Carefree Land Chiropractic LLC (2008-2014), and from Columbia College for anatomy and physiology. Dr. Min is also certified for physiological therapeutics from sport health science and certified at the dry needling institute.


Teaching English for Early Childhood

Dr. Shawn R. Ratliff

Instructor, Teaching English for Early Childhood

•  Ed.D. Organizational Lead, Argosy University

•  M.A. Economic Development-North Park University

•  B.A. Business Management-Ferris State University

Dr. Ratliff has had extensive experience in the education field, with over several years of experience in teaching students. He started his career at Oakton Community College with a concentration in teaching education program, ESL and GED. Currently, Dr. Ratliff works at Prince William County School, providing reading, math and history lessons to students.

Sherry Hughes

Instructor, Teaching English for Early Childhood

•  M.A. Education- George Mason University

Ms. Hughes holds a master’s degree in Education from George Mason University. She has 19 years’ professional experience in higher education, served as the principle of Hopkins House and as the director of St. Lukes Preschool.  She loves guiding students to reach their full potential and motivating them to learn!


Technical Business English

Christina Sapp

Instructor, Technical Business English

•  M.A. Early Childhood Education- City University of New York

•  B.A. Elementary Education-City University of New York

Instructor Christina Sapp joined Columbia College as an instructor in ESL program since 2010. Prior to coming to Columbia College, she was a teacher in Prince George’s County Public Schools and Hillsborough County Public School, teaching Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Writing. During 16 years of teaching experience, she has tried to enrich the lives of students and prepare them for success in the future. She will be happy to motivate students in study as well as bring them professional knowledge.

Christine Patterson

Instructor, Technical Business English

•  B.A. Spanish and French- St. Mary’s College

•  TEFL/TESOL Certificate

Ms. Patterson studied languages in St. Mary’s College, specializing in French and Spanish. She is fluent in three different languages. She has had extensive experience over 9 years in teaching, started her career at Lado International Institute and managed ESL classes. She joined Columbia College in October 2016.

Magaret Dr. Hoo-Ballade

Instructor, Technical Business English

•  Magaret Dr. Hoo-Ballade

•  Ed. D. Education-George Washington University

•  M.A.T. Curriculum instruction-Trinity University

•  B.A. History-University of Rochester

Dr. Hoo-Ballade holds a Doctor Degree in Education from George Washing University and master’s degree in Curriculum Instruction. She had been directing research teams at Green Technology Group and had been serving as a consultant at CRW Management. With her extensive experiences, she is ready to be a great consultant of student’s future by giving great advice. Also, Dr. Hoo-Ballade worked ten years at DC Public Schools, teaching English, Language Arts, and Research Method. She joined our school to help the student to learn technical Business English in October 2013.

Natasha Thomas

Instructor, Technical Business English

•  M.A. Business-Strayer University

•  B.A. Business-Strayer University

 Instructor Natasha Thomas joins Columbia College as a Business Instructor in the Business management administration program. Prior to coming to Columbia College, she was a Business Instructor at Career Technical Institute in the medical office professional program. Natasha received her B.A. in Business Administration and MBA from Strayer University. Natasha is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Science of business technology at Capella University. Natasha’s teaching interests include operations management, marketing management, leadership and organizational behavior and business management theories. She has assisted with redesigning and redeveloping courses as a Business instructor at Columbia College and Career Technical Institute. Her primary research interest is to explore the role of digital communication channels in daily work practices that affect manager to employee relationship development in the workplace informed by social exchange theory.


General Education

Ok Cha Soh

Okcha Soh

Vice President

Professor, General Education and Psychology

Ph.D. in Social Psychology, Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, Ohio

M.A., Theology of Missions, Capital Bible Seminary, Lanham, Maryland

M.A, Counseling Psychology, Bowie State University, Bowie, Maryland.

Psychology, counseling and general education professor with 24 years’ professional experience in higher education. Heavily engaged in minority human rights’ protection and advance activities. Served as the president of Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues, Inc. Activities include organizing seminars and conferences and presenting lectures to more than 45 universities and organizations internationally. Spearheaded the nationwide campaign to pass House Resolution #121 at the U.S. Congress (2007). As a part of those efforts, testified at the U.S. Congressional Hearing on behalf of Comfort Women (February 2007). Currently serve as the president, Korea-U.S. National Prayer Breakfast-Washington, D.C.

Laura Farfan

Instructor, General Education

•  M.A. Spanish Linguistic-SDSU_Son Diago

•  B.A. T.V and Film-SDSU_Son Diago

Ms. Farfan is our Spanish instructor who has a master’s degree in Spanish Linguistic. She has had extensive years in teaching Spanish over 7 years, taught high school and college students in Potomac College and Woddorf School of San Diego.  She is a very energetic and motivational instructor who loves teaching!

Esayas Geleta

Instructor, General Education

•  PhD in Sociology

•  M.A in the Sociology of Development and Globalization

Dr. Esayas Bekele Geleta is an instructor in Colombia College. He is also an independent international development research consultant. He previously held a Research Associate post in University of Saskatchewan and taught Sociology in three Canadian institutions: Grande Prairie Regional College, Okanagan College, Kwantlen Polytechnic University. In addition, he taught sociology in Ireland: in the National University of Ireland, Maynooth and in the University of Limerick.
The key areas of his current research and teaching include introduction to sociology, the political economy of globalization and development, social problems and inequalities, social justice and human rights, food and agriculture, and the politics of social research. He has published a number of peer-reviewed articles and a monograph (the Microfinance Mirage: the Politics of Poverty, Social Capital and Women’s Empowerment, published with Routledge: Taylor and Francis Group). He is currently writing a book under the title the secrete rules of society.


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