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Shamima Nasreen

Birth date: December 16th | Major: TESOL, Biology, Education

Hobby:  Travel, Cooking, Photography, Reading | Language: English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Italian

“We will take the journey to learning excellent English skills!”

I am a passionate instructor who loves and enjoys teaching. I genuinely care about each and every student and put a lot of effort into tutoring them one on one in my classroom. I believe in every student’s strengths, and I guide and motivate them to reach their full potential. I have been teaching for the past three years, and I find my experience to be very rewarding.


Garret Piekney

Birth date: January 23rd | Major: B.A in History & Art History

Hobby:  Attempting to make sense of my environment, Making lemonade out of lemons, Tennis, Perfumes

Language: English & French

“If your work isn’t what you love, then something isn’t right.” – Talking Heads

As a child of a Foreign Service Officer (FSO), I was fortunate to be exposed to many cultures while growing up. As a boy and young man, I lived in Sweden, Tunisia, Guinea, France, Pakistan and Egypt.I began teaching ESL/EFL in Busan, Korea in 2002 during the exciting time of the World Cup; I have been teaching English since then.I find it very rewarding to help create a classroom atmosphere where students are happy, relaxed and learning to the best of their abilities.


Hilary Reintges

Birth date: May 8th | Birth place: Bowie, MD | Major: International Studies, Modern Languages & Linguistics, TESOL

Hobby:  Reading, Writing, Traveling | Language: English, French, Japanese

“The only people who lose their humanity are those who believe they have the right to render another human being powerless.”
– Hannah Gadsby, Nanette (2018)

Hilary has received three degrees in the state of Maryland. The first is from Howard Community College, and the second two are from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Her Master’s in TESOL was received in May of 2016. The year of 2017, Hilary lived and taught in Busan, South Korea, but she is back in Maryland now. In her free time, she is a writer and voracious reader.


Tonya Hyman

Birth date: February 1st | Birth place: Brooklyn, NY | Major: Secondary Education (ESL),                                    Behavioral and Social Science

Hobby:  Living Life to the Fullest | Language: English, Spanish, “Teenager”

“Work Like You Don’t Need the Money.  Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt, and Dance… Like Nobody’s Watching.”

Tonya received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland and her Master’s degree from George Washington University. Her Bachelor’s degree is in Behavioral and Social Science, with a minor in Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing. Her Master’s degree is in Secondary Education, specializing in ESL. She has taught Elementary, middle, high school, and adult students. Aside from ESL, she has taught Spanish, GED/HSD, college orientation, high school online, as well as high school level reading, writing, and math.

She enjoys teaching writing, reading and math remediation courses. Her next big goals are to write a book and start a foundation supporting at-risk youth. Wish her luck!!!


Marie Fleurette St Hilaire

Birth date: August 9th | Birth place: Haiti | Major: Psychology, English

Hobby: Puzzles, Reading, Cooking, Playing badminton | Language: English, French, Spanish, Creole

“I have enjoyed being a teacher of ESL students!”

It is so delight to be an instructor at Columbia College. Although I have taught in different institutions, I admire the devotion and enthusiasm of students at the Centerville Campus. When I am not teaching I enjoy cooking, reading and playing badminton.


Han Zhong

“One of the happiest moments in my life”: watching students making progress and enjoying English learning.

She obtains her Master’s degree in TESOL at Penn State University. She enjoys being a teacher to help her students overcome language barriers to obtain better opportunities. She encourages her students to use the sentence “I’ll work on it.” instead of “I can’t do it”. She also values real life language materials to teach English.

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