5 Things to Do on Memorial Day in Washington, D.C.

1. Watch the Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day is a day that American use to remember people that died fighting in wars. In this parade, people in the military march together to honor the fallen soldiers. It’s a lovely way to honor them.


2. Take a tour of a war memorials

There are over 15 war memorials and military monuments in Washington, D.C. so there are plenty to see! Most notably: World War II Memorial and the Korean War Veterans Memorial. The best part is that there are several other landmarks nearby to visit as well.


3. Visit Arlington National Cemetery

This is America’s largest military cemetery. Over 400,000 men and women are buried here.


4. National Memorial Day Concert

If you still don’t want to leave your home for any reason, this concert is for you! It will be live streamed here on Memorial Day. Many artists and famous actors will perform to honor the fallen soldiers.


5. Go see a baseball game

The Nationals don’t play at home on Memorial Day as they will be in New York going against the Mets, but they do play at home all week before: May 23-28 where you can see special uniforms in honor of Memorial Day.