CCDC welcomes transfer students from other institutions. If the student meets our Admission Requirements, he/she may be admitted with no restrictions.

U.S. Citizens and Permanent Resident Students

+ Step 1. Apply to CCDC

Complete application for admission.

  • Required
    • Submit required documents Application-for-Admission and Student Enrollment Agreement
    • Submit high school diploma or proof of graduation from a high school or equivalent certified by the State Department of Education
    • Copy of passport or permanent resident card (If you are a veteran, please submit a copy of your military ID)
    • Pay application fee
  • Optional

+ Step 2. Take the placement test

Check whether you need to take a placement test.

  • Required
    • If you need to take a placement test, you should take the CaMLA (Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments) test.

 +Step 3. Pay tuition & fee

Submit your payment on time.

+ Step 4. Attend Orientation

Attend new student orientation.

 +Step 5. Register for Classes

Attend new student orientation.

  • Required
    • Meet CCDC academic advisors and register for classes.
    • Attend class!

International Students

  • Request a school transfer form and an acceptance letter from the international student office.
  • Fill out a school application form and submit all required documents such as former school transcripts, a high school diploma, an I-20 from another school, financial documents, a copy of passport, visa/I-94, and a family registration form.
  • Once a student is eligible to transfer to Columbia College, Columbia College will issue a school acceptance letter to the transfer student within one week of submission.

If you need more information, please click here.