The Information Technology program is designed to prepare students for industry standards in networking and information technology careers, along with related business trades. This curriculum exposes students to many facets of the computer information technology industry, such as programming, web development, operating systems, etc. Successful associate degree graduates are qualified for entry-level positions as computer technicians, programmers, and other information technology positions. 

Information Technology Prospects

  • Students who graduate from the program can find numerous employment options in different fields of computer and information technology. Some examples include web developers, software developers, computer network support specialists, web administrators, etc. Employment of all computer occupations is expected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.
  • Employment of computer support specialists is estimated to grow 11 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupation. Since organizations continually upgrade to increasingly complex computer equipment and software, support services will constantly be in demand to meet installation and repair requirement.

Program Facts

Program Length: 70 weeks (Maximum Time Frame: 105 weeks)
Total Credits: 92 credits (Major – 64 credits & General Education – 28 credits

Information Technology Courses (must be enrolled in 16 courses)

Number Course Credits
Core requirements
IT149 Operating System Fundamentals 4
IT150 Fundamentals of Information Technology 4
IT161 Software Development Fundamentals 4
IT163 Web Development Fundamentals 4
IT164 Database Administration Fundamentals 4
IT165 System and Network Administration 4
IT166 Computer Network Fundamentals (CompTIA Network+) 4
IT167 Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CompTIA CySA+) 4
IT170 Data Telecommunications Networks (CompTIA Network+) 4
IT172 Mobile APP Development I (Android) 4
IT173 Mobile APP Development II (iOS) 4
IT174 Gaming Development Fundamentals 4
IT181 IT Infrastructure I (CompTIA A+) 4
IT182 IT Infrastructure II (CompTIA A+) 4
IT190 Introduction to Information Systems 4
IT200 Business Computer Applications Data Analytics (CompTIA Data+) 4
IT222 Database Systems Design 4
IT261 or IT270 Career Development (Internship) or Capstone Project 4
IT280 Advanced Web Development 4
IT283 Object – Oriented Programming 4
IT290 Cloud Computing (CompTIA Cloud+) 4
IT292 Linux Systems (CompTIA Linux+) 4
Total Required Core Credits 64

General Education Requirements (must be enrolled in 7 courses) !

Number Course Credits
BIO102 Introduction to Biology 4
BPS102 Business and Professional Speech 4
IT101 Fundamentals of Computing 4
CRT101 Critical Thinking 4
ENG101 English Composition 4
HIST203 U.S. History 4
MAT101 Algebra 4
MAT201 Pre-Calculus 4
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology 4
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology 4
SOC201 Society and Human Behavior 4
SPN101 Introduction to Spanish I 4
SPN201 Introduction to Spanish II 4
Total Required General Credits 28


Devin Park

Instructor and Program Coordinator 

devinp@ccdc.edu Languages: English, Korean