Columbia College’s associate degree and certificate programs of occupational studies provide abundant knowledge and hands-on skills, making our students successful in the fields that may require license.

Associate of Applied Science in Cosmetology, Certificate

Interest in cosmetology industry is rising along with the expansion of the value of personal beauty and wellness. To obtain a Cosmetology license in Virginia, individuals MUST complete the educational requirements from an approved institute. To fulfill the requirement, you can complete your education at Columbia College that also provides Virginia Cosmetology Instructor’s License course. The College is the ONLY institute to offer an associate degree in Cosmetology.

AAS in Cosmetology

Certificate in Cosmetology

Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts, Certificate

Living longer isn’t much fun if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy it! Also, RIGHT food is the key to live healthy. Consumers also are continuing to demand healthier meals made from scratch in culinary industry. Therefore, overall job opportunities are expected to be good based on employment growth and the need to replace workers who leave the occupation.

AAS in Culinary Arts

Certificate in Culinary Arts

Associate of Applied Science in Dental Laboratory Technology, Certificate

As cosmetic prosthetics, such as veneers and crowns, become less expensive, there should be an increase in demand for these appliances. Accidents and poor oral health, which can cause damage and loss of teeth, will continue to create a need for dental laboratory technician services. Even though digital dentistry grows so fast and very popular in these days, a dental laboratory technician is still in the ESSENTIAL role in the team to complete the work successfully. You can start your new career here at Columbia College!

AAS in Dental Laboratory Technology

Certificate in Dental Laboratory Technology

Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy, Certificate

In order to practice Massage Therapy, students MUST study in an approved massage training program and a successful completion of the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards MBLEx , entry-level licensure examination. Columbia College Massage Therapy program is well-balanced in a combination of classroom, laboratory, and clinical experience. It also offers Massage Therapy C.E. program which is approved by NCBTMB. Flexible locations and schedule helps you to join in the program today!

AAS in Massage Therapy

Certificate in Massage Therapy